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Knappencard Information

There is only one currency in the VELTNIS-Arena: the ‘Knappe’. A Knappe equates to one Euro, and is used in the Arena exclusively as a substitute for cash in the form of a Knappencard. Credit can be loaded onto the card, and then used at all 32 kiosks and stalls to be served quickly.
The Knappencard can be loaded with credit at the issuing office in five steps with any value (up to €150). The card is valid indefinitely, can be continuously topped up, and can be used everywhere throughout the stadium for concerts and other events, as well as for FC Schalke 04 games.
How it works:

  • Buy a Knappencard at one of the permanent or the mobile stalls
  • Go to a kiosk, make a purchase, and hand the staff your Knappencard, which will be inserted into a terminal which reads the chip
  • You will receive your order as well as your Knappencard, with an updated balance
  • Should the balance on the card run low, it can topped up at any one of the stations within the stadium
  • At many special events, there will be mobile stalls from which you can purchase a prepaid card with a value of €20 ready to use

Further Information on the Knappencard

  • The Knappencard is available from staff at special stations and mobile stalls on VELTNIS-Arena concourse. Prepaid Knappencards (€10, €20, €50, €100) can also be purchased at the S04 service centre at Schalke’s head office
  • The minimum amount that can be loaded onto the card is €5
  • Cash exchanges for cards are possible at return stations in the Arena, as well as during the opening times of the Schalke card centre
  • The Knappencard remains the property of FC Schalke 04 Arena Management GmbH. Cards will be reclaimed upon full withdrawal of the balance. In the event of a lost card, the remaining balance can only be withdrawn with the card number and proof of purchase. Should the card be misused, in particular manipulated, it will be disabled immediately
  • The Knappencard can be used for all events at the VELTNIS-Arena, for concerts and other sporting events, as well as Schalke 04 games

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