Away Games

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Request for away tickets

Who can request away tickets?
Away tickets are primarily issued to members of FC Schalke 04. Non-members can only request seat tickets. Tickets will only be allocated if there are any remaining tickets.

What is the points system all about?
FC Schalke 04 uses a points system for the distribution of away tickets, in which members can build up a points account for their requests over a longer period of time. A large proportion of the tickets are awarded to the members with the highest number of points, while the other proportion is drawn at random. 

When are points awarded?
Points are only awarded for requests from members within the regular request phase for official matches of the Knappen. One point is credited for each enquiry, regardless of whether a ticket could be allocated in the end.

From what age is it possible to make an away request?
Every main purchaser aged 16 and over has the opportunity to make a ticket request. Co-orderers must be at least 6 years old.

How many tickets can be requested per match?
Up to four away tickets can be requested via one process within one category.

What data is required for a request?
The membership or fan number of the person ordering the tickets, the other membership or fan numbers and the dates of birth of the co-orderers are required.

Can several categories be requested for one game?
In the case of a collective order, all purchasers can only specify one price category within one order enquiry.

When can tickets for away matches be requested?
Enquiries will be placed online as soon as FC Schalke 04 has received the host's prices and allotments. The enquiry period ends five weeks before the match date (order dates for cup matches and international matches may vary).
S04 reserves the right to extend the enquiry period until the final date for matches that have not yet been scheduled, so that ticket enquiries that have already been made can still be cancelled or new enquiries submitted.

When are the away tickets allocated?
Tickets are allocated approximately five weeks before the match date. The date of receipt of the ticket request is irrelevant within the request period.

Is it possible to process or cancel a request?
Before the allocation phase begins, it is possible to cancel the request in the online account at If a ticket request is cancelled, a new request can be made within the deadline. A subsequent change to a category that is less in demand may significantly increase the chance of allocation.

Request status

What does the respective status mean?
Offen: The request has not yet been processed. It can still be cancelled and resubmitted if necessary.

In Bearbeitung: The allocation phase has started. Cancellation is no longer possible.

Zugeteilt: The allocation was successful. The details indicate whether the request could be fully considered.

Nicht Zugeteilt: Allocation was not possible.

Storniert: The request was cancelled by the applicant or co-applicant.

General information

What payment methods are available?
Payment is only possible by direct debit. Processing can only take place if correct bank details have been entered.

Is it possible to request several games at the same time?
No. A separate request must be made for each game.

What happens when the deadline has expired?
Once the ticket request has been closed, no further changes or subsequent requests are possible.

Where can I find information about the current status of my request?
Information about allocation, collection and allocation criteria is sent by e-mail.
Detailed information about the allocation can be found at in the online account at

What are the reasons for allocation?
Away tickets are allocated either on the basis of the enquirer's points account or by random draw. The main purchaser can view the allocation reason for their complete ticket request for each match under "Details" at

Shipping, collection, fees & opening hours

How do I receive the tickets in the event of an allocation?
If the tickets are electronic tickets, they will be sent to the e-mail address provided.
If the host club only supplies paper tickets, the following options are available:  Dispatch, collection or alternative collector. The alternative collector must be specified when the ticket request is created.

Can a third party collect the tickets?
If the tickets are to be collected by a third party - who is neither the customer nor was specified in the enquiry - it is essential that a written power of attorney is presented when the tickets are collected. Authorisations sent by email will not be accepted.

What happens if tickets are not collected?
If the tickets are not collected by the predetermined time, the ticket price will not be refunded. In addition, four points will be deducted from the member in question if no cancellation is made.

What are the shipping costs for the tickets?
The shipping and handling costs are 5.00 euros. The dispatch of away tickets is at your own risk. No replacement tickets can be issued if tickets are lost. A refund of the purchase price is also not possible. Collection from the Service Centre and the dispatch of e-tickets is free of charge.

Are there any other fees?
There is an advance booking fee of 10 per cent of the ticket price, up to a maximum of 5 euros per ticket.

The address provided is no longer valid. Where will the tickets be sent?
Current address details must be stored in the online account for all customers to ensure smooth despatch.

Can different delivery addresses be specified?
It is not possible to specify a different delivery address when requesting away tickets.

Attendance checks

How are the people who are to attend the attendance check selected?
Attendance checks are carried out on a random basis.

How will I be informed about the attendance check?
The attendance checks can usually be viewed two days before the respective match in the online account at under "Request history & points quota" in the respective detailed view. Proactive checks must be made there. As an additional service, all persons to be checked will receive an e-mail in advance to the e-mail address stored in the shop (if available) with the necessary information."

Who carries out the checks?
The checks are carried out by the Fan Affairs team.

Is it possible to cancel a check?
Any member who is unable to attend on match day can cancel their attendance in their online account at up until kick-off. A guide can be found here.
Cancellation is possible by clicking directly next to the ticket request in the shop.

How does deregistration affect the points account?
If a cancellation is made via the shop by the kick-off at the latest, two points will be deducted. Four points will be deducted if a member fails to attend the attendance check without a valid excuse.

Can only members be asked to attend an attendance check?
S04 reserves the right to invite non-members to attendance checks in individual cases under certain circumstances.

What happens if the attendance check cannot be carried out on site?
If a member who was on site misses a check, they can document their attendance afterwards. All personalised and clear receipts (e.g. train tickets, hotel bills, etc.) or photos of the member from the stadium in conjunction with a copy of their ID are valid as proof. Not valid are e.g. petrol receipts, statements from third parties, etc.


Is it possible for a co-requester to cancel the request?
Co-requesters have recently been given the opportunity to edit their enquiry. This means that you can cancel the tickets within the deadline or deregister yourself (and only yourself) from the attendance check as long as the request status is still open.
The main orderer and the co-reuqester receive an e-mail about cancellations.

What happens if a co-requester cancels their request?
The main requester receives an e-mail informing them that a co-requester has cancelled their request. The submitted request remains valid, minus the cancelled co-requester. This means that no new enquiry needs to be made.