Season tickets

General questions about season tickets

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How can I purchase a season ticket?
No season tickets are issued during the current season. There is also no waiting list. As soon as season tickets for seats are available, we will announce this on


What is a season ticket subscription?
At FC Schalke 04, season tickets are only available by subscription: this is a service that the club offers its most loyal fans and customers. Year after year, you are guaranteed a seat in the VELTINS-Arena - without additional and time-consuming correspondence. The subscription contract is automatically extended for a further season unless it is terminated in writing by either party before the last Bundesliga match day of the previous season. There are therefore no disadvantages at all for holders of this season ticket!

What do Bundesliga-pur and Schalke-total subscriptions mean?
Two types of subscription are offered: Bundesliga pur and Schalke total. The Bundesliga-pur subscription only includes Bundesliga home matches in the VELTINS-Arena. However, if you want to be at every game, then the Schalke total offer is just right for you. This offer includes not only the Bundesliga home matches, but also all other competitive matches in the national and European cup competitions - Schalke total.


What does chip card or card block mean?
FC Schalke 04 season ticket holders can choose whether they want to purchase their season tickets as a chip card or as a card block. With the chip card, the matches are stored electronically on a plastic card in credit card format.

The big advantage of this option is that you can watch all 17 Bundesliga matches in the VELTINS-Arena at a lower price.

With the ticket block, which is particularly useful if the season ticket is passed on frequently (e.g. for company or fan club season tickets), the season ticket is printed out in the form of individual day tickets for the respective matches. Once issued, the chip cards of the season ticket subscriptions are "timeless" and remain valid beyond the end of the respective season.

Can I sell my season ticket/block ticket?
We would like to point out that the tickets purchased from us are intended exclusively for private or fan club use. The resale or auctioning of tickets at inflated prices is strictly prohibited and will be punished in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) (see GTC, section 6).

You can sell your season ticket for individual matches via our official ticket exchange (link to TB).

All information and the FAQ can be found here:


You also have the option of forwarding the tickets free of charge via the S04 app. Simply log into the Schalke 04 app with the account you used to buy the tickets. There you first open the menu item "Tickets" and then the corresponding ticket. Under the ticket you will find the selection "Share ticket", where you simply enter the e-mail address of the new owner. The only important thing here is that the person also has an S04 account and the S04 app.


What happens if I lose my season ticket/it is stolen?
You can use the following link to fill out our service form - Affidavit of loss of a season ticket - and send it to the following address together with the defective season ticket (only the form if the season ticket is lost):

The following link can be used to fill out our service form - Affidavit of loss of a ticket - and, if necessary, send it with the defective season ticket (if the season ticket is lost, only the form) to the following address:


FC Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e.V.
Service Center
Ernst-Kuzorra-Weg 1
45891 Gelsenkirchen.

or via e-mail to


If there is still enough time until the next match/event, the new season ticket will be sent by post. Of course, you can also apply for a new season ticket directly at our Service Center. The reissue usually takes a few minutes and is chargeable if the ticket is lost.