Ticket exchange

You have tickets for a Knappen home game but can't attend? Then you can easily pass on your ticket to other S04 fans legally and fairly via the ticket exchange. Your ticket will then simply be blocked and we will take care of the rest. So you don't have to give your ticket away. 
Please note that the ticket exchange closes at 9.04 am on Fridays. For matches during the week, it closes the day before at 9.04 am.

Still looking for a ticket? You can find posted tickets in the regular ticket shop.

All information about the ticket exchange can be found in the FAQ.

Mit wenigen Klicks Dein Ticket sicher an Schalker weiterverkaufen
1 Mit deinem Schalke-Account anmelden
2 Spiel und Ticket auswählen
3 Rückerstattungsmethode wählen
4 Ticket(s) auf verkaufen