FAQ Ticket Exchange

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find tickets that have been posted on the ticket exchange by other fans?
You can find posted tickets in the regular ticket shop. 

When will I get my money back?
You will usually receive your refund within two weeks.

How will I receive my refund?
By bank transfer to an existing account or to a new bank account.

How much is the processing fee?
The processing fee is 15%.

What happens to tickets that have been posted by mistake?
If you have unintentionally placed a ticket on the Ticket Exchange, you can cancel the process under "Cancel sale". However, this is only possible if your ticket has not yet been resold.

Can I offer my season ticket seats?
Yes, your season tickets can also be offered on the Ticket Exchange. In the event of a successful sale, you will be refunded the proportionate day ticket price (1/17) minus the processing fee.

Will I get my money back even if nobody buys my ticket?
No, if there is no buyer for your ticket, you will not receive any money back. Your ticket will of course remain valid for the match.

Can I also post my tickets by telephone via the Service Center?
No, the ticket exchange can only be used online.

Is it possible to choose who buys my ticket?
No, the tickets are transferred back to the stadium map and can then be purchased at

Can I add forwarded tickets to the ticket exchange within the app?
Only the purchaser of the tickets can add them to the ticket exchange.

Until when can I post tickets on the Ticket Exchange?
The Ticket Exchange closes on Fridays at 9.04 am. For matches during the week, it closes the day before at 9.04 am.

Can fan club tickets be sold via the ticket exchange?
Currently, a single sign-on is required to use the ticket exchange. This means that you can only post tickets that have been booked to your own customer account.

Where can I see whether my ticket has been sold?
You can view the current status of your ticket in your fan account under "My posted tickets".

When can I resell my purchased tickets in the ticket exchange? 
You can post tickets on the Ticket Exchange as soon as the matches have been scheduled.

Are there any tickets that I cannot resell?
Yes, free tickets, car park tickets, referee tickets, barrier-free tickets and tickets for matchday programmes are all excluded from the Ticket Exchange. As well as tickets that have been booked via a company or business account.


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